Supporting Autistic Teens

by helping them to understand their autism related challenges and implement practical strategies to improve communication, relationships & emotional well-being. 

How can we help?

Individual Therapy Sessions 

Helping teens to bridge the gap between the demands of everyday life and the autism-related challenges they experience. These sessions are delivered remotely via zoom and are suitable for individuals with normal range intellectual ability. Click here to book your session. 

Group Coaching Sessions

We have a range of online group coaching offers designed to support teens with understanding their autism diagnosis as well as developing well-being and relationship competencies. Suitable for individuals with normal range intellectual ability. Click here to find out more. 

Online Coaching  

Decoding Autism is an online training course designed to help teens understand their unique differences so they can better manage the obstacles they face in everyday life. It is particularly useful for those who don't feel able to engage with therapy / coaching or simply want the freedom to learn on their own schedule. Click here to gain access. 

General Advice Session 

Sometimes it helps to talk! If you have questions or would like to discuss autism-related concerns, then book your session here. 


I'm Linda Philips

I help parents and educators to understand and address the needs that arise from processing differences associated with autism.

I am a registered Speech and Language Therapist with a Master's Degree in Human Communication and a career spanning 3 decades. I draw from a wealth of experience and expertise to provide clients with evidence-based interventions.  

Still have questions?

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