Supporting Young Autistic Children

by helping parents and education staff to understand autism related challenges and implement practical strategies to improve communication, relationships & emotional well-being. 

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How can we help?

Understanding Autism

If your child has a new diagnosis, you may have lots of questions. Understanding how autism impacts the different areas of functioning enables you to address challenges with greater confidence and "know-how". Join our FREE webinar to discover more. Click here for further information. 

Improving Understanding & Expression of Emotions

Difficulty with emotional processing often leads to behaviours which can be hard to manage. Discover practical ways to support your child in their understanding, expression & regulation of emotions. Click here for more information.

Developing Communication in Young Autistic Children  

Communication challenges are frustrating for both child and adult. Discover practical ways to improve your child’s ability to communicate in everyday situations. Click here for more information.      

Developing Friendship Skills in Young Autistic Children

Young autistic children often want to play with their peers but don’t intuitively know to do this. Discover ways you can support your child in their ability to play with other children. Click here for more information. 

Supporting the Transition to School

Moving from Nursery / Kindergarten to School can be very daunting for children who find change difficult to manage. Discover how you can support your child through this transition time. Click here for more information. 

General Advice Session 

Sometimes it helps to talk! If you have questions or would like to discuss autism-related concerns, then book your session here. 


I'm Linda Philips

I help parents and educators to understand and address the needs that arise from processing differences associated with autism.

I am a registered Speech and Language Therapist with a Master's Degree in Human Communication and a career spanning 3 decades.  

"Thank you for the sessions you provided us with. They have been absolutely brilliant and have provided me with lots of ideas to help develop Z's communication skills further."

- Parent

"You are always so encouraging and come up with such great ideas that are perfectly do-able. Your suggestion was so simple but so very effective...It feels like having a magic trick up our sleeves!"

- Nursery Head Teacher

"The timing of your intervention and the simple relatable suggestions made all the difference". 

- Parent

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