Supporting Autistic Adults

 to understand your autism related challenges and implement practical strategies to improve communication, relationships, emotional well-being & executive function skills. 

How can we help?

Individual Therapy Sessions 

Helping adults to bridge the gap between the demands of everyday life and the autism-related challenges you experience. These sessions are delivered remotely via zoom and are suitable for people with normal range intellectual ability. Click here to book your session. 

Neurodiverse Couples

Neurodiverse couples may have additional challenges arising from differences in approach to everyday life. We offer couples a safe space to explore these differences, develop mutual understanding and find ways to manage needs together. Click here to book your session. 

Online Training  

Empowered living for newly diagnosed autistic adults is an online training course designed to help you understand your unique differences so you can better manage the obstacles you face in everyday life.  Click here to gain access. 

General Advice Session 

Sometimes it helps to talk! If you have questions or would like to discuss autism-related concerns, then book your session here. 


I'm Linda Philips

I help people to understand and address the needs that arise from processing differences associated with autism. 

I believe that strong foundations in communication, relationships and emotional well-being are fundamental to a fulfilled life. I am committed to empowering others to build strong healthy lives through evidence-based communication, relationship and well-being strategies.

I am a registered Speech and Language Therapist with a Master's Degree in Human Communication and a career spanning 3 decades. 

Still have questions?

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