Discover "Empowered Living for Newly Diagnosed Autistic Adults"

Essential next steps after an autism diagnosis

An online course about understanding, acceptance and embracing the beautiful diversity of human minds in our world.

Receiving an autism diagnosis can bring forth a range of emotions, questions and uncertainties. Navigating this journey can feel overwhelming especially as not everyone receives the support they deserve. That's why we've developed this comprehensive online course. Our aim is to provide the guidance, support and practical strategies necessary for individuals to thrive.

We understand that not everyone is able or willing to engage in traditional therapy sessions. This affordable alternative allows you to dive into a journey of self-discovery and growth at your own pace and time.

Throughout the course, you'll unlock a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies to:

  • Identify your strengths and challenges: Gain clarity on your strengths and challenges, empowering you to navigate life with confidence and self assurance.
  • Advocate for your needs: Learn effective communication strategies to clearly articulate your differences and advocate for your needs in various settings.
  • Cultivate thriving relationships: Discover tools and techniques for building and maintaining meaningful relationships that support your neurodivergent journey.
  • Master executive function challenges: Tackle executive function challenges like a pro with expert tips to enhance productivity and organisation.
  • Navigate sensory processing: Develop strategies to manage sensory processing challenges more effectively, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable daily experience. 
  • Enhance overall well-being: Explore holistic approaches to well-being including self-care practises and techniques tailored to your neurodivergence.
  • Share your diagnosis: Gain insights into sharing your diagnosis with others and discover options if you prefer to keep it private. 

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed as autistic and is seeking support and guidance, then why not make this transformational investment to embrace autism acceptance and empower individuals to live lives to their fullest. 

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This online training is intended for informational and educational purposes. It is not meant as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis and /or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle and / or mental care.

Who am I? 

I am the founder of Autism Routemap, deeply committed to delivering high quality services for neurodivergent individuals.

Drawing on 3 decades of experience, I blend the strengths of therapy and coaching to equip and empower people to build enriched lives. By delving into the diagnoses and nurturing emotional well-being, fostering healthy relationships and refining executive function skills, we work towards growth and fulfilment.  

I am a registered Speech and Language Therapist with a Masters Degree in Human Communication. I specialise in providing tailored support and training to young people, adults, parents, educators, partners and employers. 

Having worked across various health, education and business settings, I've dedicated myself to assisting neurodivergent individuals and the people around them to discover pathways that lead to flourishing lives.

For any enquiries, feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] or by phone: 08000 1999 18. 

At Autism Routemap, we stand firmly committed to continuing to foster an environment of inclusivity and empowerment for all autistic individuals. 


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