Living with social communication difficulties can be very challenging.
The hidden nature of these struggles means that needs often go unrecognised and behaviours are easily misinterpreted. Rather than support and accommodation, people with social communication difficulties often face rejection and hostility.
Overtime, the effort to blend by masking underlying issues leads to confusion, anxiety and overwhelm. Life gets hard. 
Getting unstuck doesn’t happen when we apply small bits of well-meaning advice in a haphazard manner.
Truly moving forwards and experiencing transformation is a process that is best supported in a structured and systematic way.
We have the experience and expertise to bring clarity and support you in building well-being, communication competencies and healthy relationships.       

How can we help?

Glad you asked! Below are the different ways we support people with social communication challenges. You do not need a formal diagnosis to access any of these services.

Online Training

No appointments or travel needed! Get the benefits from the comfort of your own home and work at a pace that suits you.

Life After an Adult Autism Diagnosis

An autism diagnosis explains why there have been challenges but it doesn't tell you what to do about those challenges.

This course helps to clarify how autism impacts everyday life. It's an essential first step after diagnosis that enables you to begin designing a lifestyle that works for you.

Along with a workbook and invitation to a private Facebook Group, you will have lifetime access to 12 recorded sessions that walk you through the process of gaining clarity and getting unstuck.  

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This online training is intended for informational and educational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis and /or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle and / or mental care.

Group Coaching

Struggling with social communication issues can be lonely and frustrating. Learning with others gives you access to a community. You are not alone! The opportunity to give and receive input from people on a similar journey is an uplifting and empowering experience.

Free to be you! 

This 12-week program is for people who are looking for effective ways to manage stress and overwhelm including social anxiety.

If you're tired of feeling stuck and disempowered, join this live coaching program to up-level your life. 

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The Power of Connection

This program is for people who are looking for effective ways to build harmonious and healthy relationships with family, friends, partners and colleagues.

Social isolation and broken relationships cause major problems in all spheres of life. Knowing how to build relationships and repair difficult ones is a life skill everyone should have!

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One to one sessions

If you prefer a customised approach, there is no need to struggle alone. One to one sessions are available online to support you on your journey. Together we will consider your challenges and find ways to get unstuck and move forwards.

Find out how we can help you by booking a free online Turning Point session

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Who am I? 

I am the owner of Autism Routemap and passionate about delivering top quality services for people who want to enjoy healthy relationships with family, partners, friends and colleagues.

Drawing on nearly 3 decades of experience, I blend the power of therapy and coaching to equip and empower people to build emotionally healthy lives and relationships through effective communication and well-being strategies.

I am a registered Speech and Language Therapist with a Masters Degree in Human Communication. I specialise in social communication providing support and training to young people, adults, parents, educators, partners and employees / employers. 

I have worked in a variety of health, education and business settings providing support to help people with social communication challenges find ways to live their best life.

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly on [email protected] or Tel: 08000 1999 18. 


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