Coaching for autistic & ADHD university students

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Thanks for stopping by! I'm Linda Philips, an experienced therapist and coach who helps students with thinking and learning differences.

All students should have the opportunity to learn and participate regardless of their processing styles. I am passionate about helping students to gain confidence and clarity so they can succeed and make their mark on this world! Together we tackle challenges by building understanding and implementing practical strategies that work.  

I am a registered Speech and Language Therapist with a Master's Degree in Human Communication and a career spanning 3 decades.

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We offer online 1:1 and group coaching sessions which are  uniquely tailored to the needs of autistic & ADHD students

to equip them with tools, strategies and habits that help ...


Address executive function challenges


Improve well-being


Build relationships 


Group coaching gives students the chance to learn & participate with others in a safe space where they they can feel relaxed, accepted, valued and understood!


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