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Break the cycle of CONFUSION and DEFEAT

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From confused & frustrated to 


Take the next step after an adult autism diagnosis into an empowered future.

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Linda Philips

Therapist & Coach        MSc. Human Communication

Blending the power of therapy and coaching, I empower & equip people to build emotionally healthy lives & relationships though effective communication & well-being strategies. 

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Download your FREE GUIDE NOW!

Life after an adult autism diagnosis. Breaking FREE from the cycle of confusion and defeat 

by Linda Philips

This guidebook is one of Linda's most popular publications available as a free download. Full of information designed to equip and empower you for the next steps after an autism diagnosis.

  • discover what autism means for you personally 
  • gain a clear understanding of autism so you can explain your diagnosis to others
  • get clarity on your needs so you know what they are and how to communicate them to others 
  • identify skill sets to develop in your personal growth journey 
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Are you sick and tired of
being STUCK?

Ignoring a problem or moaning about it never makes it go away… it only makes things worse, and ultimately harder to solve. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to get unstuck!

The difference between staying where you are, and moving forwards is in taking action!

I help frustrated neurodivergent and neurotypical people to build emotionally healthy lives & relationships so you can flourish with greater confidence and freedom.

No matter whether you have a new diagnosis or you have been trying to figure it out for years, it's never too late to get help.

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Did you know there is a sequence

Progress doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice. When you combine the right information with implementation you get transformation! 

In life there will always be ups and downs. But what if you could learn to minimise the down times?

If you are neurodivergent or live with a neurodivergent person, life can be challenging and confusing. I offer insight and training to bring clarity and practical strategies so you can strengthen your well-being and enjoy healthy relationships. 

Drawing on decades of experience and evidence-based strategies, I help you to take your life to the next level. Book your FREE, "no obligation" call to find out more. 

Sometimes it helps to chat!
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All The Tools You Need To Help Develop Your Communication, Social Interaction & Emotional Regulation. 

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What do Leonardo Di Caprio, Hugh Jackman and Serena Williams have in common? They all use coaches! Even at the peak of their careers, great leaders use coaches to help them go further and faster.

If you are ready to take action and create the outcomes you want for yourself, we offer coaching programs to help you achieve your goals.

Check out our coaching services designed to develop your communication, social interaction and emotional well-being.

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Looking for training to help you advance your goals but can’t imagine it fitting into your busy schedule?

Look no further! We offer online video training to develop your communication, social interaction and communication skills. No more rushing off to appointments! Learn and implement at a pace and time that suits you!

We pour knowledge and practical tips into our videos. Our training won’t just engage you, it will empower you to change your life.


What People Are Saying:

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Chris O

"I made tremendous progress in a very short space of time due to the outstanding nature of the therapy I was receiving.

I enjoyed and looked forward to each and every session and am excited to apply my learning to my future. I would definitely recommend this organisation to anyone who was interested.”

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Samuel E

“Sessions with Linda have been a complete game changer for me. I have found her insight to be absolutely brilliant and tremendously helpful for moving me forwards through a very difficult home situation. 

I highly recommend her for anyone looking to improve the quality of their relationships."

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James C

“My wife and I have found the services of Linda Philips absolutely invaluable. Linda has been a rock of strength at times when we felt close to despair. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Her insight, her experience, her words of wisdom have been inspirational and, ultimately effective. Her services have been truly outstanding and exceptional.”

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