Have you harnessed the competitive advantage?

Neurodiverse talent brings innovation as well as increased productivity and quality improvements. 

Our services help to enhance employee experiences to maximise workplace contributions.    

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We offer consultations with managers and employers to discuss accommodations that promote optimal working conditions for neurodiverse employees.

£ 125.00 / hour 

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Expert training to empower your team's understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity as well as advice on practical adaptations to support neurodivergent colleagues.

£ 895.00 (up to 15 colleagues)

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Employee Support

We offer various individual and group coaching programs to support neurodiverse employees.

From post autism diagnosis support to managing stress and overwhelm or developing communication and relational skills, we've got you covered!

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What People Are Saying:

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Chris O

"I made tremendous progress in a very short space of time due to the outstanding nature of the therapy I was receiving.

I enjoyed and looked forward to each and every session and am excited to apply my learning to my future. I would definitely recommend this organisation to anyone who was interested.”

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Samuel E

“Sessions with Linda have been a complete game changer for me. I have found her insight to be absolutely brilliant and tremendously helpful for moving me forwards through a very difficult home situation. 

I highly recommend her for anyone looking to improve the quality of their relationships."

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James C

“My wife and I have found the services of Linda Philips absolutely invaluable. Linda has been a rock of strength at times when we felt close to despair. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Her insight, her experience, her words of wisdom have been inspirational and, ultimately effective. Her services have been truly outstanding and exceptional.”

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