Say goodbye to chaos and embrace a win-win for emotional wellbeing AND productivity! 

Revitalise your life with this all-in-one journal & planner packed with tools to boost efficiency and improve wellbeing.

A daily companion to cultivate fertile ground for success and safeguard against stress and burnout.

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Your combo journal-planner

Boost productivity, build wellbeing and cultivate personal growth. 

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What if you could finish this year actually achieving your goals???

No more juggling notebooks or hunting for that elusive scrap of paper!

A structured system to streamline daily tasks and encourage reflective practices - all in the same place.

Get organised with to-do's and action plans that align with your goals and keep you on track. 

Reflective practices to tune into emotions and address any unhelpful recurring patterns and behaviours. 

Your A4 journal-planner is bursting with tools to help you live your best life.

What's inside?

  • Daily journal:¬†Space to connect with your emotions and reflect on the previous day's successes and challenges.¬†
  • Daily body tracker:¬†Keep yourself physically healthy with exercise, meal and water trackers.¬†
  • Daily planner:¬†Dedicated space for your daily tasks, actionable steps to accomplish them and a status tracker to keep you on track.¬†
  • Three-month goals:¬†Set your vision for the next three months with clear objectives, awareness of necessary steps and potential obstacles to overcome.¬†
  • Monthly and weekly to-do lists: Maintain a master list for the month and break it down into manageable weekly tasks.¬†
  • Monthly and weekly reviews:¬†Regular check-ins to ensure your daily activities align with your goals, celebrate wins and clarify next steps.¬†¬†
  • Monthly habit tracker:¬†Gain momentum by tracking the habits you want to cultivate.¬†
  • Weekly project tracker: Choose a project each week and break it down into actionable steps to guide your progress.¬†
  • Weekly meal planner:¬†Organise your meals and shopping list to ensure you eat nutriously.¬† ¬†
  • Decision Maker:¬†A structured outline to guide you through making important decsions.¬†
  • Deconstruction of difficult situations.¬†Analyse what went wrong to facilitate repair and adjustment for success in future situations.¬†

Get started and close the gap between your aspirations and achievements in the next 3 months!

Buy now £29.99