Free to be you!

Do you feel stuck? Are you struggling to cope? Does stress seem to get the upper hand far too often?

Do you want to learn the strategies for a fulfilling life?

A life where you are equipped to deal with stress & overwhelm more effectively. 

If you said yes to any of these questions, check out the video below to learn more ...


Who is this for?

FREE TO BE YOU is for:

autistic adults & young people who

  • are tired of feeling stuck and disempowered
  • want to find ways to better manage stress and overwhelm
  • are ready to engage with a process of learning & implementation

What's included?

In our sessions, we will:

  1. understand how to recognise emotion signals
  2. build your emotional literacy
  3. learn to use evidence-based strategies so you can more successfully manage stress & overwhelm leading to an improved sense of well-being

You'll have:

  • 12 weekly interactive group coaching sessions
  • workbook to record insights & track progress
  • access to a community
  • access to recorded sessions 

Don't miss out!

If you want to get unstuck and discover ways to have a more fulfilling and happier life, take action now!