Autism parents - great detectives in the making!

If the police force suddenly ran short on detectives, I would highly recommend that they approach autism parents as potential recruits. Why? Because parents of autistic children are often faced with behaviours that are difficult to understand. Although parenting by its very nature calls for all of us to wear our detective hats from time to time, it’s fair to say that autism parents get more practise.

If we look closely enough, we’ll always find reasons for behaviours. The challenge we face though, is that those reasons aren’t necessarily obvious. And that’s where the detective bit come in handy. Knowing why helps us to understand and manage situations more effectively. In a recent email, one Mother told me that “although it might be easier if it were different, it's been so helpful for me to know that there are reasons.” 

So, what are some of the “why’s” when it comes to autistic behaviours?  

Loss of order, control and...

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