Will Smith just did what happens online every day: Agree / Disagree ?

Conversation after the Oscars was a tad different this year. Normally, it revolves around the awards and of course, the fabulous fashion choices on display. But all that got rather overshadowed by Will Smith’s actions. Slapping the presenter, Chris Rock, for his insensitive comments, was not exactly what we were expecting!

Public opinion, as you might anticipate, is very divided. Some think it was heroic. Something along the lines of … “it’s about time someone took a stand against humiliating and disparaging remarks, even if delivered under the guise of comedy”. Others, of course, objected on the grounds that violence is hardly the best choice for a grown man.

Personally, I think this goes much deeper than a single incident at the Oscars. Just a few minutes on social media and you’re bound to walk slap bang into the verbal equivalent of a Will Smith lashing.

Now, I’m not here to condemn Mr Smith, who has subsequently apologised describing...

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