Rethink your Routine: How to Turn Groggy Mornings into Great Ones

Does your day start with an inward groan as you long for just a few more minutes under the covers? Are you reaching for your phone before you’ve even left your bed, only to stumble out of the house feeling like a zombie in desperate need of coffee?

Mornings are tough, we get it

Mornings can be chaotic. There’s so much to do in so little time. Even though research highlights the benefits of morning and evening routines, only 28-35% of us actually use them.

Maybe we’re unaware of the benefits or perhaps we’re just juggling too many balls in the air. After all, some of us have families to feed, dress and herd out the front door. Others are burning the candle at both ends, with energy levels that only surface after the first shot of caffeine.

So, why bother with routines?

With all these barriers, why would you even bother with routines? Do they really give us much return on our investment of time and energy?

Well the evidence suggests they do. In fact, routines...

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