5 strategies for staying sane when uncertainty hits

uncertainty Oct 31, 2021

Uncertainty has been the theme tune for the past two years.  

So many things exist outside of our control on the world stage … fuel shortages, volcanos, pandemics … I could keep going but you get the gist.

When facing uncertainty, we have a tendency to unravel. By nature, most of us like to know what is around the next corner and often feel fearful when dealing with the unknown. 

The “not knowing” is often far worse than the actual difficulty itself. Once we are in the situation, we have no choice but to deal with it.

Bob Marley said,

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice”.

But in the anticipation stage, the battle with uncertainty rages in our minds … where we are prone to catastrophising.

Although this applies to the majority, it is likely to be more exaggerated for autistic people where there is generally a higher level of need for order, predictability and control.  So in addition to...

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Helping your child to embrace uncertainty

autism change uncertainty Sep 04, 2020

If ever there’s been a year of uncertainty, it’s this one! 2020 has launched us into the world of the unknown. Schooling has been disrupted. Work-life has changed. Events have been cancelled or postponed. Trips to the supermarket have been reshaped. Things we used to take for granted, like visiting friends and family have been restricted. On the world stage, we’ve seen economic and political instability. And many of us, myself included, have lost loved ones. What a year so far!

Nations are now counting the cost. Wondering how the coffers can be replenished and how we go about creating a sense of normality. Faced with instability, our natural instinct is to try and create order. To make plans even if we know they may change. I told my daughter, who is due to return to school next week, “The plan, for now, is ….”. The last few months have taught us both that some degree of tweaking will probably be needed.    

Uncertainty unsettles....

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